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Amid political instability and violence in Haiti, human rights activists are demanding the Biden administration do more to protect Haitian migrants, especially those at the U.S.-Mexico border. NewsHour Weekend’s Ivette Feliciano spoke with Guerline Jozef, founder and executive director of the non-profit, Haitian Bridge Alliance, about what she calls the lesser known Haitian immigrant crisis.

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The best way to make impactful art or be a true ally for a cause is to explore your own challenges with being a better person. We must understand the importance of discerning what we have been taught to think and what we believe based on our own value system. We will also look at literature on personal growth and leadership. Next, we must alter our thoughts and actions to better align with the vision we have for change. This is where we will look at social change campaigns and challenge their effectiveness, then look at deleting old prejudices we have about ourselves and others to understand the importance of being genuine when trying to influence positive change. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Thabo Chinake is a gender equity advocate and graduate from the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. Thabo is passionate about gender issues and has volunteered with numerous organizations including Calgary Pride parade and Students Against Domestic Abuse Association (SADAA). As a hip-hop and spoken word artist under the stage name KTheChosen, Thabo uses his platform to talk about social issues and promote introspective conversations within different communities. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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The family of Amir Locke wants to see a ban on no-knock warrants enacted statewide, and eventually nationwide.

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Have a cause you care about, but aren't sure how to help? This activism 101 session will guide you through the process of figuring out your role in fighting for change.


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I deliver engaging and inspiring workshops and talks at events, businesses, and universities across the world (see below for more details).

If you would like to speak about the possibility of me running a workshop or speaking at an event please get in touch via email:


I facilitate tailor made workshops, designed to give participants a variety of discussion opportunities, interactive elements, and a final longer task individually or as part of a group.

The goal of my workshops is that participants come out of the them with actionable points to be put into practice afterwards, rather than feeling as if they had simply talked through the same old topics on that subject.


Talks, presentations, panels and Q&As allow for an in depth look at a topic or issue. I can deliver solo talks on a specific topic and/or moderate or sit on group panels. I have previously spoken on topics including:

- Building Inclusive Communities

- Using YouTube for social good and charitable efforts

- LGBTQ+ Representation on TV/Film

- LGBTQ+ History

- Pop culture and Feminism

- Writing Strong Female Characters

- Women on YouTube

- How to use YouTube/social media as a tool in your career.

- & many more.

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When you hear the term nonprofit, the first thing that typically comes to mind is a charity, or 501(c)(3) organization. That’s for good reason, since roughly 78% of all tax-exempt organizations are exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(3). The remaining 22% consists mostly of social welfare nonprofits, business leagues, and social/recreation clubs, plus about 24 less-voluminous possibilities.

But what does it mean to be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit? What sets a 501(c)(3) apart from the other categories of nonprofits out there? In a phrase: charitable purpose.

•eBook: Successfully Starting a Nonprofit
•VIDEO: How to Start a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit?
•BLOG ARTICLE: How the IRS Defines Charitable Purpose

•How To Start a Nonprofit
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0:00 Introduction
0:40 IRS Restricts Purposes
1:16 Religious
2:50 Scientific
3:58 Testing for Public Safety
4:44 Literary
5:07 Educational
6:32 Fostering National and International Amateur Sports
7:51 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Children
8:26 Charitable
9:08 Conclusion

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If you are interested in starting a non-profit or being an activist this is a must see. There are tons of nuggets for any entrepreneur. Chandra Brooks you are a Rock Star! Everyone you can check her out on her website.

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Rev. Eric Garbison, Co-founder of Cherith Brook Catholic Worker House

The Catholic Worker Movement is one of many grassroots communities that recognize that in fighting poverty we must address what Dorothy Day called, "This filthy rotten system." We will discuss how solidarity work differs from charity because it centers the voices of people who are directly impacted by racism and poverty.

Rev. Eric Garbison
Rev. Eric Garbison is a co-founder of Cherith Brook Catholic Worker. Cherith Brook is a community of hospitality and activism in Kansas City. It is a place where those impacted by poverty are given voice in leadership and encouraged to face various forms of internalized oppression through nonviolent ways of living. Cherith Brook is also actively involved in various local and national movements including The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for a Moral Revival.

For more information on this series, visit

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Naomi McAuliffe (Poverty and Human Rights Campaign Manager, Amnesty International UK) advocates that good activism requires a balanced approach and using the right technology, not just popular technology.

Naomi manages 'Demand Dignity', Amnesty's Poverty and Human Rights Programme in the UK which includes campaigns on the right to housing, health and livelihood internationally, Corporate Accountability and campaigning against discrimination of Gypsy Roma Travellers. As the global priority campaign, Amnesty is exploring how digital activism, among other things, can be used by activists in the global south; including the opportunities, challenges and impacts of this. Naomi managed the 'Make Shell Come Clean' campaign which sought to address the impact of the oil industry in the Niger Delta and deployed a number of social media and online tools. In her spare time, Naomi also blogs and is an avid Tweeter.

Summary of Naomi's position:

"Social media is undoubtedly a useful activist tool but certainly we need to be realistic about its impact and see its role together with other forms of activism and the context its operating in. Facebook and Twitter were used by many to organise in Egypt in January this year, yet it was the people on the streets who brought about the revolution. Plus it is important to consider who has access to digital activism and what role do they have in social change - this returns a very mixed picture and one that no one can claim to be wholly positive or wholly negative."

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Bill thinks celebrities like Madonna are getting politically active for the free press.

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Bill Burr On Protests And Celebrity Activism | CONAN on TBS

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Community organizer Quilen Blackwell gives a brief overview of the field of community activism. More resources can be found at

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A Black farmer is using her farm to fight against racial injustice, health disparities and inequalities in the food system. Leah Penniman calls the lack of access to fresh produce "food apartheid." Errol Barnett spoke to the activist about how her nonprofit is helping hundreds of families eat healthier, while also opening opportunities to young Black farmers, for the "CBS This Morning" series A More Perfect Union.

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The Department of Art and the History of Art and the Program in Film and Media Studies presents a conversation between artist Jess Dugan and curator Mary Statzer.

Jess T. Dugan is an artist whose work explores issues of identity through photographic portraiture. Dugan’s work has been widely exhibited and is in the permanent collections of over 35 museums throughout the United States. Dugan’s monographs include To Survive on This Shore: Photographs and Interviews with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Older Adults (Kehrer Verlag, 2018) and Every Breath We Drew (Daylight Books, 2015). They are the recipient of a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant and an ICP Infinity Award, and were selected by the Obama White House as an LGBT Artist Champion of Change. They are represented by the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago.

Mary Statzer is the curator of prints and photographs at University of New Mexico Art Museum (UNMAM), where she oversees a collection of more than 10,000 photographs. Statzer brought the exhibition To Survive on This Shore: Photographs and Interviews with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Older Adults to UNMAM, and organized Patrick Nagatani: A Survey of Early Photographs and Indelible Ink: Native Women, Printmaking, Collaboration. In 2019, she and her colleagues launched UNMAM’s Acquisitions Fund for Diversity and Equity. Statzer holds an M.F.A. in printmaking from Arizona State University and a Ph.D. in the history and theory of art from University of Arizona. She has published articles in Aperture magazine and edited a multi-author book titled The Photographic Object 1970, released in 2016. She has participated in photography portfolio reviews across the United States.

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2019-2020 Fellow Spoma Jovanovic presented a workshop that considered the critical skills, knowledge, and cultural values we can teach in the classroom to cultivate and support students who want to enter the political arena with principled organizing and actions. Students’ interests in moral crises have surfaced nationwide. For many, it is their first foray into civic action. Topics covered included how to use recently produced (short!) videos and discussion guides of grassroots activists to explore the bridge between academic scholarship and public debates surrounding the economic, political, racial, and cultural dimensions of public life.
Learn more about the event: https://freespeechcenter.unive....rsityofcalifornia.ed

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The Atlantic's Adrienne Green sat down with Jesse Williams and John Legend for the MLK special edition of the magazine to speak about their stances on racial injustice, the struggle for civil rights, and how artists can move the needle on both counts.

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How a tweet sparked the minds of six young women to change the lives of young women around them. This tweet led to the formation of Sanitary Aid for Nigerian Girls whose work has impacted over 7000 women in Nigeria. Their story is simple and their impact is powerful. We hope this can be your spark. Learn more about the organization here: Alexa Chukwumah is a final year student at Brown University studying International Relations with a focus in Political Economy. She is Pan-Africanist and women's rights advocate from Lagos, Nigeria. Her work includes We Rise Initiative and Sanitary Aid for Nigerian Girls, which are both organizations focusing on women's development in Nigeria. She is also a writer at This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Susan Meiselas is a documentary photographer and member of the cooperative Magnum Photos since 1976. She is the author/editor of 7 books, including a six year project curating a 100 year photographic history of Kurdistan. Meiselas integrated her own work into Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History, and created a pioneering website of cultural exchange,, an online archive for collective memory. Meiselas has also co-directed two films: Living at Risk and Pictures from a Revolution.

Meiselas is well known for her multiple decades documenting human rights issues in Latin America. Her photographs are included in American and international collections. In 1992 Meiselas was made a MacArthur Fellow. Since 2008, she has been the President and Acting Executive Director of the Magnum Foundation.

The Magnum Foundation champions in-depth, independent documentary photography that fosters empathy, engagement, and positive social change. The MF supports, trains, and mentors the next generation of photographers, encouraging active collaboration with media, communities and non-profit organizations to create innovative distribution strategies for greater social impact.

The Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship accelerates the impact of the world's leading social entrepreneurs by uniting them with essential partners in a collaborative pursuit of learning, leverage and large scale social change.

The Skoll Foundation drives large-scale change by investing in, connecting, and celebrating social entrepreneurs and other innovators dedicated to solving the world's most pressing problems.

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Hey Loves!
Elis Malary was an activist that was found March 24th in Lake Michigan. While her family and friends await for answers, they still want to continue her mission for Trans rights.

#TrueCrime #LGBTQ #EliseMalary

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